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Winston Hearn, who is me, is a person who reads and writes and fumbles towards better questions to ask. This site is where I collect my thoughts on books I'm reading, the tech-driven world we're building, and anything else I find interesting. I currently work for Vox Media as a Sr. Front End Engineer.

What's best for users

It’s important to critically examine what incentives have been in place in the past few decades that may have led to a web like we have.

Some Thoughts on Accessibility

Recently I worked with some coworkers to write documentation on building accessibile web content (which we have since open-sourced as the Accessibility Guidelines) and then, building on that work, I gave a talk about accessibility as a practice rather than task or checklist. This post is a written version of that talk.

Documenting Considerations and Constraints

An idea for sharing constraints and considerations that can inform module building on the web. Inspired, somewhat, by hospitals.

Weekend Performance Optimization Notes

I’ve been fighting a head cold or something this weekend and because of that I’ve been extremely bored. So I decided to see how much I could improve this website’s loading performance. In a few hours of hacking I got it from a Speed Index of 2000+ to consistently between 600 and 800. Pretty good! Here’s notes on everything I did.

Convert Google Maps Directions to geoJSON with Node

I’m working on building some maps to record the routes we took on our cross country road trip. In order to accomplish this, I needed geoJSON data of all the roads we drove, so I used Node and Google Maps to build the data pretty easily.

Embracing the Existing

I like working on things that already exist, as opposed to building new things. I think this is really strange? I have no clue. But it’s a truth for me, perhaps, at least for where I am now in my career.

Javascript Promises Links

This post is meant to complement the talk I’m giving at on September 20, 2014. These are some links that I found helpful while researching the talk.

Missing the Prose for the Grammar

Thinking about the way developers approach their tools.

Surprise, You're being Manipulated!

This past week Facebook released (proudly!) a peer-reviewed paper about a study they conducted in 2012. This study has been covered a great deal because it’s kind of creepy. What did they study? Whether or not they can manipulate the emotional state of their users!

Introducing Playground

Playground is a little Sinatra app I use when I want to trying things out in code, or design in the browser, or just experiment more with development related things. I thought I’d open source it!

Why I Don't Have a Good Personal Site

If you give a developer some free time…

On Accessibility

Great thought from Jenn Schiffer on accessibility.

Sass Mixins with Logic

Notes on a Sass mixin I created for a client project that allowed me to pass in arguments based on the view’s needs.